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A multi-award-winning businesswoman

Flavilla Fongang is a multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur, and an international and multilingual keynote speaker (English & French). Computer Weekly named her the number 1 most influential woman in tech in the UK among a list of more than 600 women in tech nationwide in 2022. 2023 She won The Entrepreneur of The Year Award at the BTA Award. She became a UN Women partner to support women’s rights and advancements across the world. Alongside Will.i.am, in 2024, she was on the Global Top 100 Most Influential People of African Descent – Futurists & Innovators. She is a neuroscience brand expert covering strategy, design, marketing and customer experience. She founded 3 Colours Rule, an award-winning branding and marketing agency, then GTA Black Women In Tech then Black Rise. Mercedes Benz awarded Flavilla the “She’s Mercedes” businesswoman award among women such as Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. She is the author of “99 Strategies to Get Customers”.



Flavilla Fongang is a recognised leader in marketing as she created the D.A.C. system and The Beyond Marketing Approach which have helped numerous brands successfully grow their business. Flavilla is BBC’s chosen brand advisor and regularly provides actionable brand strategy advice.

She is an Entrepreneurship Expert with the Entrepreneurship Centre for Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. She created branding and marketing courses for LinkedIn and the CXL Institute. Flavilla was a guest marketing and brand strategy lecturer at the University of Oxford, the Goldsmiths University, she mentored at London Metropolitan University and was named the most influential businesswoman by LinkedIn. Her award-winning branding and experiential marketing agency has already received multiple awards. Recently.

She is a renowned international speaker who spoke at AdvertisingWeek, AdWorld,  MozCon, CTA Conference, MarTech Fest, DMWF, Orbit and more. Click here to find out more




She is also the founder of Global Tech Advocates – Black Women in Tech, the 1st largest European organisation of black professional women in tech with chapters in the United Kingdom, Ireland and France and +22,000 members across the world. Since October 2021, she has produced, published and distributed an annual book “The Voices In The Shadow”. A book that features stories of black women in tech and is distributed to secondary schools for FREE across the UK and Ireland. More than 2,200 books have been given for free to schools and libraries. The books are now also archived at The British Library to protect their legacy. She is the enabler and is never afraid to challenge the norms.

In 2022, she created an art collection to address colourism and dark skin discrimination. The 15 unique prints showcase the beauty and diversity that reside within every Black woman. Dark-skinned Black women have been affected by prejudice and discrimination in the media, at work, and the rest of the world. The collection presents Black women’s unique beauty that transcends the shadow of their melanin. The acquisition of our artwork continues to contribute to the creation, production and distribution of The Voices In The Shadow Volume books to schools for FREE. Click here to see. In 2023, she created the first interactive history map. An invitation to embark on a journey through time and continents, where the stories of remarkable Black women come to life. Discover their untold tales of strength, courage, and resilience as they inspire you and the next generation. Let their legacies remind you that your roots are royal and your potential is limitless. Step into history, embrace empowerment and explore the map that celebrates these extraordinary trailblazers. Click here to see



Through Black Rise, she is on a mission to bridge the gap between businesses and the immense potential of Black talent. We provide a dynamic platform where businesses and individuals can connect, collaborate, and prosper with Black professionals, entrepreneurs, and black-owned companies. We strive to showcase the value, creativity, and innovation that Black talent brings to the table, fostering partnerships that drive economic growth, diversity, and mutual success. Click here to see



She was invited to The Palais de l’Elisée by the President of France, Mr. Emmanuel Macron and the President of Ghana, Mr. Nana Akufo-Addo to discuss business opportunities in Africa.

She was featured and photographed for Brummel Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar as a trailblazer and inspirational woman. On top of being highly demanded by various newspapers like The Economist, Bazaar, The Guardian, The Entrepreneur, and Computer Weekly, she cares a lot about diversity and inclusion to provide more equal opportunities for the next generations. She was born & raised in Paris and moved to London in 2002 despite being unable to speak English. Within her first year in London, she obtained a BA in Economics & Law, a BA in Marketing & Communications and an MA in International Business with distinction. Her determination extends to helping her clients achieve their goals and they appreciate her positive attitude and fun personality. As a result, Flavilla’s clients have acquired outstanding business outcomes.

Board roles:

  • Strategy Steering Board for the City of London
  • Advisory Board for Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates


Most Recent Awards:

  • 2024: AdWeek The Future is Female Award 
  • 2024: Global Top 100 Most Influential People of African Descent – Futurists & Innovators
  • 2023: Top 1% Leader of The Year Award
  • 2023: Role model of the Year at DETA Awards
  • 2023: STEM Entrepreneur Award
  • 2023: Entrepreneur of the Year at BTA Awards
  • 2022: Editor’s Choice Award at We Are City Awards
  • 2022: Computer Weekly Number 1 most influential woman in tech in the UK


Universities where she had delivered lectures:

  • Saïd Business School  – The University of Oxford (Present)
  • Brunel University
  • UCL School of Management
  • SOAS University 

Flavilla’s expertise

Looking for a NED or inspiring speaker to bring change and engage people?

Flavilla Fongang gives organisations insights and directives into the future of consumers, social governance, leadership and so much more. She provides powerful and creative strategies for future-proofing any brand with her D.A.C model and Beyond Marketing Approach to create unique brand experiences and build long-lasting brand loyalty.

Her topics of expertise are branding, creativity & innovation, leadership and the future of technology.

Brands Flavilla has worked with

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Flavilla in the media

NED roles, speaking, training, etc

Flavilla has been in leadership roles for more than 15 years and knows how to build remarkable brands, grow engaging communities, improve social governance and so much more. As a keynote speaker, she tailors presentations that are always customised for each client and audience. She can offer anything from an engaging 60-minute keynote to a full-day interactive workshop for a conference or an organisation.

Flavilla is widely regarded as one of the most popular leaders in marketing and branding around the world. She is known for her charm and humour but more importantly, her ability to adapt her message to fit the audience. She is a natural storyteller, knows how to give actionable insights, industry-specific case studies and personal anecdotes a fusion that makes her message relatable and memorable for your audience.

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Flavilla’s podcast

Fuel your brain, change the game

Tech Brains Talk is a fun, relaxed, educational and honest podcast. Tech Brains Talk is a conversation on the strategy of becoming a remarkable individual, creating or being part of iconic tech brands. Tech Brains Talk is hosted by Flavilla Fongang author, international speaker and founder of 3 Colours Rule – a creative branding and marketing agency for tech companies. Through engaging conversations with brilliant individuals in the tech world, you will learn from their success, lessons and what they believe is the future of technology.

Be a step ahead and get updates about technology strategies with Tech Brains Talk.

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She is also a business author

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